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Quench your skin's thirst with SALT BY HENDRIX CRYSTAL WATERS MASK. This mask has been designed for an intense hydrating skin experience. It offers an immediate boost in moisture, assists with brightness, fights dull-looking skin and uneven texture. It also contains crazy cool amounts of antioxidants, Vitamin C, bioactive ingredients and can assist with inflammation and pigmentation. And, she feels cool as a cucumber on the skin leaving your skin feeling refreshed and super loved.

Glow baby, glow. 

Key Benefits
A natural, plant-based mask Intense hydration Brightening formula Boosts dull uneven skin Anti-inflammation Suitable for all skin types
Hyaluronic Acid helps with moisture retention and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and discolouring, while Aloe Vera works by cooling the skin, reducing inflammation and redness.
How to use
Crystal Waters has been designed for use every 3rd day for up to 30 minutes or sleep in this hydrating product overnight once to twice a week. Wash thoroughly with warm water. Follow with your regular skin routine.
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