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Lengthen. Strengthen. Repair. As part of your daily routine, Hairology™ delivers longer, thicker hair by reducing hair thinning and supporting hair growth. 


Hairology™ is a once-daily ingestible capsule from Vida Glow’s Advanced Repair range. Hair sheds every day as part of its natural renewal cycle. Yet age, stress, hormones and vitamin deficiencies can prompt weakness, damage and excessive shedding. Targeting the cause of thinning lacklustre hair, Hairology™ optimises the environment necessary for hair to grow and thrive.


Powered by hero active, AnaGain™, and a robust blend of targeted micronutrients, Hairology™ supports and maintains healthy hair follicles to revitalise and strengthen strands from within. In clinical trials, AnaGain™ visibly reduced hair loss by 34% after 28 days of supplementation. (2).

Key Benefits
• Key active AnaGain™ reduces hair loss by 34% after 28 days (2). • Key active AnaGain™ reduces hair thinning (2). • Supports healthy hair follicles • Supports hair growth • Supports hair strength • Maintains hair thickness
AnaGain™ - Vida Glow’s trademarked active derived from pea sprout extract. AnaGain™ is clinically studied to reduce hair loss by 34% after 28 days of supplementation. (2). Bladderwrack - Brown seaweed extract with a high nutritional density including fibre, iron, vitamin b12 and polysaccharides. Its therapeutic effects derive from a naturally rich iodine profile – which supports healthy thyroid hormones. Zinc - An essential trace mineral that most people require dietary supplementation of. It helps maintain hair growth and decreases hair loss and thinning when dietary intake is inadequate. Selenium - A micronutrient rich in antioxidants that protects against oxidative damage known to cause to hair loss. Biotin - A B-group vitamin (vitamin b7) vital for keratin function and maintaining healthy hair follicles. Biotin deficiency has been reported in up to 38% of healthy women complaining of hair loss. (3).
How to use
Always read the label and follow the directions for use. With consistent supplementation, results can be seen in as soon as 28 days. After 8 weeks of daily supplementation, AnaGain™ was able to significantly reduce hair loss by 37%. , Hairology™ can be used in routine with other Vida Glow products. If you are taking multiple products, we suggest spacing them throughout the day. We also recommend taking Hairology™ after your biggest meal.
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