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The Copper Conditioner, used along infuse My. colour Copper Shampoo, revives and tones coloured hair with stunning copper shades. It revitalizes dull hair, adding a layer of brightness to maintain your hair colour in-between visits to the salon.

infuse My. colour Copper Conditioner maintains the brightness of copper, auburn, gold and rose gold hair. The Copper Conditioner can also be used by brunettes and blondes. On dark brown hair, the Copper Conditioner will add a warm subtle glow and for light brown hair, the Copper Conditioner will add rich auburn tones. For those with bleached hair, the Copper Conditioner will add striking rose gold and peach tones.

100% Vegan Formula. 0% Sulphates. 0% Silicones. 0% Parabens.
Key Benefits
Results last up to 5 -10 shampoos depending on the condition, texture, and porosity of the hair.
Works well on keratin treated hair
Formulated for use on coloured and bleached hair and can be used to refresh previously coloured hair.
Infuse My. colour conditioners contain 40% more pigment than the shampoos.
Use infuse my. colour shampoo and conditioner together to gain maximum pigment deposit.
You can leave the conditioners on to process for up to 30 mins
How to use
After using infuse My. Colour Copper Shampoo, apply the Copper Conditioner, comb and rinse through. infuse My. Colour products have instant results so you can style your hair as normal once washed!
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